People from Hamburg are well familiar with the legend of the sailors in the old days who were said goodbye by their families with the Kehrwieder (= come back) greeting when they left the harbor of Hamburg to travel the world. We went out into the world, brewed in the Caribbean, in South and North America and finally returned to our home port to help bring the beer variety back to Hamburg. In the earlier days Hamburg was the most important beer city in Germany.

In 2011 we signed the founding declaration and moved bag and baggage from Miami back to Hamburg. Half a year later we brewed our first beer - the PROTOTYP. Kehrwieder is one of the first generation of Craft Breweries in Germany and is a founding member of the German Creative Brewers Association. We still brew our Limited Release beers by hand in our self-built brewhouse in Hamburg. Every malt sack is poured into the mill by hand, every steam valve is opened and closed by hand - nothing is automated here. We have held every single bottle that we fill at least seven times before it makes its way to you.

The Kehrwieder überNormalNull has already won the European Beer Star twice, the Kehrwieder prototype won the gold medal at the European Beer Star in 2021 and has already won platinum at the Meininger Craft Beer Award in the past and was also recognized as the best hop-aromatic lager. The Kehrwieder Road Runner was also awarded platinum and best non-alcoholic beer (top-fermented) at the Meininger Craft Beer Awards. El Duderino won the gold medal at the European Beer Star 2021 in the Free Style category.

Kehrwieder is a training company, environmental partner of the city of Hamburg, gets 100% of its electricity from Green Planet Energy, Kehrwieder positions itself clearly against any kind of exclusion and racism and supports social and societal commitment.